Pregnant and Flawless – Nigerian Female Celebrities.


Check out out Pregnancy crush photos from Nigeria, today we want to show you some of the celebrities in Nigeria who got pregnant and are still looking pretty(even though they chubby faces lol, it’s the woman thingy). Anyways first on our list is…

1 Simi Sidney Esiri (Dr Sid’s Wife).

If there’s something we like about Simi is the fact that she’s not much of a “I want to disturb the airwaves with my baby bump pictures” and also we think she’s going to be a great mother. In this photo we can appreciate the blue outfit she’s putting on, her makeup simple and attractive. Because of the overflow gown we’ll assume she’s putting on a pretty flat slips and of course pregnant women don’t wear heels lol.

Dr Sid 's wife Simi Sidney- Esiri
Dr Sid ‘s wife Simi Sidney- Esiri

2 Omawumi Megbele:  A multi-talented singer/songwriter Omawunmi Megbele rocking maxi V neck cap sleeved gown which she styles with a silver crystal stud brooch. We just love her pose like “Hey! take me i think i’m HOT“.

Latest asoebi 2019 Styles
Omawumi Megbele
Omawumi Megbele


3 Toyin Ayemakun: A Nollywood yoruba actress happens to be the third on the list and we think she looks awesome in this blue mini  short sleeved jean with a touch of yellow heel and yea we noticed the multi-colored bead necklace.  She rocks!

Nollywood Actress Toyin Ayimaku
Nollywood Actress Toyin Ayimaku

4 Kaffy: A multi-talented dance queen, in fact she’s the dance goddess in Nigeria, anyways we think this her studio session is amazing. She looks happy and those legs tho #Sexy.


5 Tiwa Savage: Sexy Tiwa looks really awesome in this brown jalamiya dress, i think she’s wearing the simplest make up ever. The second picture below really shows her when she’s in her 6th month.

tiwa savage-amillionstyles
Tiwa Savage
tiwa savage-amillionstyles2
Tiwa Savage Recent Bumps
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