Video Tutorial: Nail This Fan Gele Headgear Look


Hey Ladies! Got your geles on hand for today’s tutorial?? We are going for the Fan Gele style today. As we already know, gele is no longer your mate when it comes to the headgear business. This is because like all other things that has to do with humans, creativity and uniqueness has influenced the look and style of gele over time.

Nowadays, ain’t nobody going for the regular (and now boring) simple pleats gele. So many other styles have evolved in the game as everyone is trying to up the other in the business.


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As usual, practice makes perfect when it comes to things like this and if you don’t own any gele yet, raid your momma’s wardrobe, she is bound to have many. Is it not Nigerian mothers? Home and abroad, their geles are always on hand. Sit back, watch, re-watch this fan gele video if need be till you get the hang of this.

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