Must Have Essentials For The Rainy Season

Must Have Essentials For The Rainy Season

Rainy Season is here upon us again and the rain has been slowly dominating our days. The best part is staying indoors settling down with a warm blanket, tucked in bed with a cup of tea and  a good movie. However we still have to carry out our daily responsibilities and duties irrespective of the weather condition. We may be caught in the rain so the best thing is to protect ourselves and get ready for its unannounced entrance at any time .

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So here are Rainy Season must-haves that will help brighten up your day no matter how cloudy it may seem to help you get through the day.


This is by default a necessity.When buying an umbrella, choose one that can withstand strong winds and is big enough to keep you dry. Also, consider your lifestyle and daily activities. If you often use public transport to go to work or school, it would be better to get a foldable umbrella that’s small enough to fit in your bag. If you have a car, choose a bigger umbrella for better coverage. You don’t have to use an umbrella that looks drab. There are a lot of designs currently available in the market — from the cute to the sophisticated. If selected properly, an umbrella can even improve your overall look.


Always carry some lip balm and lotion to keep your lips and skin moisturized during the cold, rainy weather.

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Buy items in small packaging so you can bring them wherever you go.

Rubber Shoes

The rubber sandals/slippers comes in handy when you need to avoid ruining your stylish shoes. Have one to wear while you’re running around and then change into your shoes later.

Rain Bonnet

The rain bonnet is a safe way to keep your hair out of water’s way especially if you’re using a raincoat and not an umbrella.

A plastic bag

To avoid getting your leather bags and the items in them wet, it will be better to get a fancy jelly bag or plastic carrier bag that will serve the purpose of shielding your items while also making you stylish.

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