Be Inspired by these Mix and Match Ankara Styles of Destiny!

17 Beautiful Mix and Match Ankara Designs


It is certified, the love Nigerian women have for Ankara will never die! So many things have been done with this fabric and the famous mix and match has not been left out. Those days, combining different prints was unheard of, and was termed by Yorubas as “akanpo” and unfashionable sef. That was a guarantee you will get weird looks from people. But just imagine, mix and match with Ankara is now a thing!

Furthermore, there is no limit to what you can make with this too. From jackets and bottoms to jumpsuits and dresses, the possibility is endless.

There are three ways to this mix and match business though:

1, you can try to put together different prints with the similar colors so that the blend is subtle;


2, you can also do different colors of the same print and

3, you can decide on different prints that are of different colors. So you can see that the things you can do with this idea is limitless.

The best of the ways are the first two listed ones because it is usually gives the eyes a seamless transition.

Cc @officialellamo
A jacket and skirt combo
Top and high low skirt
Off shoulder blouse on wrapper
Off shoulder wide sleeve top on skirt
Similar print but different colors top and skirt paired with black jacket
Cc @yemialade
These prints are similar in their differences
Cc @rhonkefella
Cc @chidinmaekile
Cc @ironyofashi

This tiny strapped dress is da truth!
Beautiful pink print combo
Cc @adunola
What I love about this jumpsuit? The sleeves!
Cc @officialwaje
Cc @djcuppy


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