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Oval Brushes? Which One Be That Again oo?

Oval brushes are the new trend in the makeup industry, you know these people will not kill us abi? Just like every other thing in life, new innovations are bound to come up and the makeup world cannot be left out of the loop. Oval brushes are simply a set of brushes that come in the oval shape and in different sizes for the application of different products. They range from the biggest, which is for foundation to the smallest, which is for eye shadows. They are the new babies of the brush world.


Are they a necessity, you may ask, I think it’s all just down to personal preference really. I am sometimes of the opinion that if it ain’t broke, don’t change it. But some people swear by this new trend though.

These brushes were created by a former MAC Cosmetics Vice President, Matthew Waitesmith and have since caught on like wild fire. Beauty vloggers and even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and her half-sister Kylie Jenner swear by it.  The brush is made from hundreds of thousands of CosmeFibre, which is a man-made bristle and also has a uniquely curved handle which helps with self-application. They are very soft on the skin, more sanitary and cruelty free as well, since they are not made from animal-hair like most make-up brushes which also attract and hold on to a lot of bacteria. They contain 10 times more fibers than the regular brushes as well.
They make application of products smoother and easier, and like sponges, they don’t smear the products on the face, instead, they press the products into the skin, preventing any streaks or weird looks when you step out into the light.

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From reviews, they are a good investment as they are more durable than traditional brushes, they are also multi-functional as they are also used to apply moisturizer too. They are also help make a little product go a long way, thereby reducing the amount of product used and making your makeup items last longer.
The down side to these brushes, they are super expensive. If you can afford to purchase them, why not, ensure you buy original items though as there are many dupes out there now.
If you own or have been opportune to have them used on you before, how did they feel? Are they as great as others say?


Watch this quick video by BeautyByMaryT on how to use these brushes


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