Lipsticks: Knowing your shade

Lipsticks are a great way to add colour to your face and switch your look. Lipstick colors for black women are available in a wide range of beautiful shades to suit the gamut of colour spectrum found among the black race. If you’re wondering which shades would flatter your skin tones the most, there are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you select your best colors.

For women of colour, the greatest consideration in picking out a lipstick colour is your complexion, so keep in mind whether your complexion is light, medium or dark. In addition, the undertones of your skin also have an effect on whether a lipstick really makes your lips pop.


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If your skin falls into the lighter range of skin tones, these colors will look good on you:

  • Pale to deep pink
  • Peach
  • Taupe
  • Red
  • Medium skin tone

For medium-toned skin, experiment with these lipstick colors:

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  • Red
  • Medium to deep pink
  • Bronze
  • Magenta
  • Medium to deep brown
  • Dark


If your skin is dark and rich, try these shades:

  • Deep red
  • Fuchsia
  • Magenta
  • Chocolate brown
  • Bronze


Don’t think that just because your skin is in the darker range you can’t wear colors that look fabulous on lighter skin. Be willing to experiment. While you can’t do this with drugstore cosmetics, you can always visit the makeup counter at a department store to test colors. You may find lipstick colors for your skin tone that you never thought you could wear. There are pink and red shades that flatter all skin tones, so even if you thought you could never wear pink, if you find the right shade, you’ll see that you can definitely wear it and look great in it.


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