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Latest Nigerian Lace Styles and Designs-Volume 23

You know when you see a good thing, you have to show recognition and give it its due place of honor, right? This is what we are doing today with this lovely and great asoebi styles that came our way.

There are styles and then there ARE STYLES. If you are wearing asoebi that did not make at least one head turn, then your style is neither trendy not fashionable. The aim of putting together a great design is to have you and others appreciate it.


When these ladies stepped out, I am very certain they were complimented on their outfits and asked for their tailors’ numbers as well, they wouldn’t have made the cut if theirs weren’t great asoebi styles.

Here are some sweet ideas to start off your week on a super note!

The Stars Of Sugar Rush Movie Looked Sweet At The Movie Premiere

Dress by @houseofsolange
Cc @awwsomesignatures
Cc @i_am_shai
Dress by @houseofsolange
Cc @herthesir_concepts
Cc @kemjeeca
Cc @st3phaniie__
Cc @st3phaniie__
Cc @fifidilly
Cc @24th_styling
Cc @thechopsfactory
Cc @youdiii
Cc @spirited_b_attire
Cc @opsydaisy28
Cc @miss_yale

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