The Most Popular Color Of Asoebi Lace In 2020 Was Orange

A lot of asoebi lace colors trended in 2020 and if you’re looking for the most popular color of asoebi lace that trended in 2020, then you’re in the right place. One of such is the “Burnt Orange“. This color is a darker shade of orange, which gave rise to its name.

This color pops on any skin tone, therefore, dark and fair skinned ladies had no problem rocking this fabric. If you need to combine your burnt orange lace with another colour, black is your best bet; this will mute it down, while still allowing the orange to shine through.


Check out the styles made with this fabulous burnt orange color!

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Cc @onyinye_d
The fabric, the dress, the skin…..A+
Perfect in every way.
Need drama, this gives you the classy drama for school
Keeping it simple and clean.
Friends that slay together.
Simple, stylish.
I love the side details on this dress

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