How To Style An Oversized Blazer in 2022

The oversized blazer is one of the outfits you can explore as a lady. The blazer is designed in such a way that it is a bit bigger than your normal size which makes it oversized to wear. However, there are different ways you can rock the oversized blazer to achieve a chic and classy look. In this collection, we will be checking out how to style an oversized blazer in 2022.


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Ladies especially fashionistas like to explore different outfit designs and styles. If you are tired of rocking your normal-size blazer, you can consider giving the oversized blazer a try. The oversized blazer can be worn to achieve a corporate, casual, and classy look depending on the accessory it is being paired with. For example, pairing an oversized blazer with skinny jeans and completing the combination with a nice pair of heels can pull off a casual corporate appearance. The oversized blazer can also be styled in the form of a jacket and worn over a mini dress.

How To Wear An Oversized Blazer in 2022

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The color of your oversized blazer and the color combination is another aspect you should pay attention to when styling your oversized blazer. Color and color combinations matter a lot in fashion as they have the power to make or break an outfit.

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There are numerous ways you can style your oversized blazer in 2022 and we will be checking out each outfit combination below:


1. Oversized blazer with a mini dress

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One of the ways the oversized blazer can be worn is to style it as a jacket over a mini dress. This outfit combination is often worn for casual purposes and outings. The best type of mini dress to pair with an oversized blazer is a bodycon dress as they are designed to fit the body. If you are thinking about what to wear for your date night, layer an oversized blazer over a mini dress and complete the outfit with a nice pair of matching heels.

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2. Oversized blazer with jeans

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Another way to style an oversized blazer in 2022 is to wear it as a jacket on jeans. The oversized blazer plus jean outfit combination can be worn to achieve a corporate or corporate casual outfit depending on the accessories it is being paired with. For this outfit combination, a pair of heels would give a classy corporate look while a pair of sneakers might give a more casual appearance.

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3. Oversized blazer with pants and trousers

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The oversized blazer can also be paired as a top on a pant trouser. To wear the oversized Blazer on a jean or pants trousers, you need to layer a tank top or camisole underneath and wear the oversized blazer as a jacket. In some cases, a round-neck white shirt can be worn underneath the oversized blazer.

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4. Oversized blazer as a dress

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The last option we will be considering when it comes to wearing or styling an oversized blazer is to wear it as a dress. The oversized blazer can be styled as a maxi blazer dress and paired with sneakers or heels. A tummy belt can also be made use of to give the outfit a more fitted appearance.

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In conclusion

The oversized blazer is a type of outfit you can wear to achieve a multipurpose appearance. The blazer can be styled as a jacket or as a dress. This article focuses on some of the ways you can rock your oversized blazer in 2022.


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