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Trendy Gown Styles for Wedding Guests in Nigeria

The gown styles for wedding guests in Nigeria are designed exaggeratedly and creatively to achieve stunning looks. In Nigeria, gowns are one of the outfits you can wear as a wedding guest and these can be styled with different types of fabric. In this collection, we will be checking out some trendy gown styles for wedding guests in Nigeria.


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Being a wedding guest means you have been invited to share the joy of a couple intending to celebrate their journey to forever. In Nigeria, outfits worn by wedding guests are usually designed to capture the spotlight. Even wedding guests battle for the best dressed and you don’t want to feel inferior by people dressing.

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There are numerous outfit styles you can wear as a wedding guest and these include the short or long gown, skirt and blouse, jumpsuit, wrapper and blouse, and so on. Some popular fabrics which are often rocked by wedding guests include lace fabric, Ankara fabric, satin, and silk fabric. For this article, we will be focusing on some trendy gown styles you can wear as a wedding guest in Nigeria.

Gown Styles for Wedding Guests

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The fashion world is growing rapidly and numerous creative designs are being introduced. The standard outfit for wedding guests these days has increased and as a fashionista, you want to catch up with these latest trends. Apart from the trick of making use of exaggerated sleeve designs to give the outfit a creative look, stones are also been adorned to make the fabric shining and more attractive. In this collection are pictures of some gown-style Inspirations you can consider as a wedding guest.

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Another popular characteristic of wedding guests’ outfits these days is the use of a front cut which is usually rocked by young ladies. In most cases, corset gowns are also popularly rocked by wedding guests. However, before picking a style, you should put into consideration the color and texture of your fabric. This will help you in making the right choice.

1. Lace gown styles for wedding guests

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One of the fabrics you can rock as a wedding guest is lace fabric and this can be styled into a short or long-length gown depending on your choice. If you like, you can also make use of the sheer fabric to design the sleeve of your lace gown. The corset lace gown is the most popular lace gown style in trend these days because of its unique appearance. Below are some lace gown styles for wedding guests:

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2. Ankara gown styles for wedding guests

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Another trendy gown style you can wear as a wedding guest is the Ankara gown. Like the lace gown, the Ankara gown can also be designed as a short gown or a long length. The fitted Ankara gown gives a more stylish look especially when you make use of a two-step puff sleeve. Adorn your Ankara gown with some stones and accessories and you are good to go as a wedding guest:

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3. Satin gown styles for wedding guests

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The satin gown is one of the gown styles you can consider wearing as a wedding guest in Nigeria. Unlike the Ankara or lace fabric which often comes in patterns, the satin fabric is plain and comfortable to rock. Below are some satin gown styles for wedding guests:

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In conclusion

As a wedding guest, after picking a stylish outfit, you need to look for accepting that will give your outfit a pronounced look. Put on some facial makeup, get your hair done and you are good to go.


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