How to Create a Matte Lipstick Look ? Here’s How.


Lipsticks or lip colours are a must have in any lady’s make up bag. They can take your over all look from simple to vavavoom! Lipsticks can never go out of fashion, no matter the fashion weather that blows. One of the variations to the look of lipsticks is the matte lipstick. A matte lipstick does not make the lips look shiny as there is no moisture put into them, they can also make the lips look thinner. Also, matte lipstick usually lasts more than shiny and other kinds of lipstick.

Before you break the bank trying to lay your hands on the nearest matte lipstick, you can actually create your own look at home! All you need is an already available lipstick, baby powder and your lips! Lol.



First of all, start off with well exfoliated lips, to get rid of dead cells and for a smoother finish. You can exfoliate using some sugar and an oil of your choice. Then moisturize them with a bit of lipgloss to help the look last longer.

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Next, apply your lipstick of your choice, dab some baby powder onto a surface and tap the powder onto your lips. Don’t smear it, just tap it gently. Afterwards, press your lips together to help distribute and even out the powder.

Viola! Your matter lips are ready to go.


Give it a try! Let me know how it was.


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