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Health: The Benefits of Natural Sea Salt Over Iodized Table Salt

Natural, unrefined sea salt is better than processed, refined salt, by a wide margin. In contrast to refined table salt, most sea salt is naturally harvested and dried in the sun, and contains a wealth of trace minerals and electrolytes that are easily assimilated by your body.

Table salt is typically full of additives, fluoride, anti-caking agents, excessive amounts of potassium iodide and other unhealthy things.


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Benefits of Unrefined Natural Sea Salt

* Heart health. Helps stabilize an irregular heart beat and normalize blood pressure


* Has an alkalizing and detoxing affect on cells, particularly the brain cells

* it is a strong natural antihistamine

* Helps stabilize blood sugar

* It is directly involved with the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal tract

* It is needed to clear the lungs of mucus and sticky phlegm, particularly in those suffering from asthma and cystic fibrosis

* Clears up mucus and congestion in the sinuses

* Can prevent muscle cramps during exercise- along with water

* Helps prevent excess saliva production- excess saliva production during sleep may indicate salt deficiency

* Makes bones firm; 27 percent of the body’s salt content is located in the bones; salt deficiency and/or eating refined salt versus real salt are major causes of osteoporosis

* Regulates sleep by acting as a natural hypnotic

* Helps prevent gout and gouty arthritis

* Can prevent varicose veins and spider veins from forming on the legs

* Supplies the body with an abundance of essential mineral elements; refined salt, such as the common table salt, has been stripped of all but two of these elements; In addition, refined, commercial salt contains harmful additives, including aluminum silicate, an alleged cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

* Contains Magnesium, which many people have a deficiency of.

The essential minerals found in unrefined natural sea salt are crucial to our overall health and well-being. There are over 80 minerals found in unrefined salt, whereas refined (table salt) only contains two elements…sodium and chloride. Unrefined salt plays such an important role for keeping order and balance within every system of our bodies, especially our digestive and nervous system. Refined salt, on the other hand, does the complete opposite. The producers of conventional refined table salt add chemicals such as desiccants and bleach to the final product that once introduced to our bodies, our cells can no longer utilize or even recognize this foreign substance. The prolonged or overuse of refined salts will lead to an extreme imbalance of ions within our cells, causing water retention, kidney, and blood pressure problems. Nearly 50% of the American population suffers from water retention (because of processed foods and refined salt), which is the leading cause of weight gain and obesity. Wouldn’t you rather consume something that is beneficial to your body rather than something that will destroy it?

Making the switch from refined salt to unrefined natural sea salt is simple, affordable, and may just save your life!


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