Health Benefits of Eating Cabbage

Cabbage In, Cabbage Out


Cabbage is a leafy vegetable that is usually round or oval in shape with a soft, light green or whitish inner leaves, but with dark green outer leaves. There are also red cabbages. It is eaten raw or cooked. It can even be used to make “ swallow.” Like most green vegetables, it low in calories and can provide bulk to meals.
Let’s take a look at its health benefits

Cabbage In, Cabbage Out

Cabbage is a rich source of Vitamin C, even has more than orange. This helps prevent infections, scurvy and Vitamin C being an anti-oxidant reduces free radicals in the body which helps slow down aging. It can be used to treat ulcer and some cancers.


It can prevent constipation as it is roughage which helps the body retain water and help bowel movement.

Cabbage In, Cabbage Out
Chinese Cabbage

It also has anti-inflammatory properties through its glutamine component. It is also essential for eye and bone health as well

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It is great for the brain. It contains Vitamin K, iodine and anthocyanins which boost mental function. This is especially so for red cabbage.

In a study conducted, 3,3” diindolylmethane(DIM) , a compound found in cabbage has been shown to protect healthy cells from harmful effects of radiation therapy.


It contains potassium which can help open up the blood vessels, which eases the flow of blood and reduces blood pressure. It is also a great detoxifier as it purifies the blood to remove toxins

Cabbage In, Cabbage Out
Red Cabbage

It is crunchy and tasty in salads, a side of vegetables is always important for weight loss. Eating cabbage is a sure way to fill up your plate and stomach and not pile up the calories.


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