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Health Benefits Of African Pear (Ube) You Should Know

African pear is in season now and we want you to make use of the opportunity and reap it’s numerous health benefits.

African Pear(ube)


African pear which is popularly known as Ube in the eastern part of Nigeria is a fleshy succulent fruit which is rich in vitamins and minerals.It is an annual fruit that grows concurrently with corn (maize) and perhaps this is the reason they are eaten traditionally together. It has a blackish blue colour on its skin and its succulent pulpy Pericarp is green in colour. It is an economic fruit and it also has so many medicinal properties.

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Check out its many benefits below

It aids the treatment of wounds and parasitic skin disease


From time immemorial, local doctors are always in need of African pear when there is a case of deep and parasitic wounds and it has always worked. The fleshy bark of the fruit after it is boiled has been said to cure ringworms, “craw-craw” (body rash) and many more

Boosts immunity

Ube fruit can boost immunity due to vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants in the fruit. Furthermore, the vitamin helps to eliminate free radicals in the body. As the radicals in the body are being reduced, then the body also will be healthier

Promotes healthy bones

One of the health benefits of Ube fruit is to promote healthy bones. The benefit is due calcium and potassium that built strong bones and therefore the fruit is recommended for any age. Additionally, the fruit is not only strengthens bones but also brings the bones to a perfect structure

Supports for healthy skin

There is one of essential nutrients in Ube fruit that supports for healthy skin and it named vitamin C. Vitamin C in the fruit makes the skin healthy because it will moisturize the skin. Moisturized skin tends to prevent the skin from related condition such as dry skin.

Protects heart

Fiber is a substance in Ube fruit that protects the heart because it plays a great role in reduces bad cholesterol or LDL. The reducing of bad cholesterol means to maintain the heart function as well as prevents it from several conditions like heart attack and stroke.

Improves digestive system

Ube fruit may improve digestive system since it is equipped with soluble fiber. The nutrient is popular to improve digestive system and also helps the other nutrients to be absorbed well in the body. Consequently, it improves overall health.

Helps to lose weight

The benefit of Ube fruit to lose weight is related to the nutrient called as soluble fiber. The fiber makes stomach feel full and it prevents you to eat more foods that can lead to lose weight. Since then, the fruit is good for weight loss but for the best result, it is better to do diet treatment as recommendation from the doctor.

Supports for dental health

Calcium is not only promotes health bones but also supports for dental health. Furthermore, it prevents the building of plaque including tooth decay. Those two conditions are probably happen when the body is less of calcium and the teeth are not clean. So, besides of eating the fruit, brush the teeth are important.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Antioxidants in Ube fruit remove free radicals, then it lead to the reducing of cancer. Some cancer cells grow when the body has a weak immunity and as the fruit boosts immune system, it prevents the body from many other diseases beside of cancer.

Increases mood

Vitamin C is high in Ube fruit and it has been believed to increase mood. It stimulates the production of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, which gives a great impact to the mood of the person. In addition, it also has the benefit for the function of brain.

Slows down the aging

As Ube fruit supports for healthy skin, it slows down the aging. The benefit is also related to vitamin C contained in the fruit that eliminates the signs of aging like wrinkles as well as makes the skin smoother. Consequently, the fruit is good for women, as they are linked with good and healthy skin.

Relieves pain

Some people may not concern about the benefit of Ube fruit to relieve pain. On the other hand, it also can speed up the process of recovery of injuries or wounds. The benefit comes along with vitamin C and linked with the boosting of immune system.

Treat eye problems

Eye problem such as cataract can be treated with Ube fruit. It is because the condition commonly happens when the lens of human eye is having less of vitamin C.




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