Hair Transitioning? What Is It All About?

Hair Transitioning? What Is It All About?


Transitioning is a pretty easy term to understand. When I decided to go natural in January 2015, I didn’t want to do the “big chop.” The big chop is when you cut off chemically altered (by relaxing or using a texturizer) or heat-trained hair at once. I didn’t know how that would look on me, so I decided to transition for 5 months, like many other females do.

Transitioning is when you let your hair grow out and you do not use chemicals or apply constant heat to straighten your hair. There are some who erroneously damaged their hair even without using chemicals but did so via constant pressing or straightening using heating tools. This can also result in a loser hair texture and damage the hair.

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Once hair has been relaxed or tex-laxed, the structure of the hair is changed and thus it can never go back to its natural state. So if you want to go natural, you need to get rid of the “old hair”.  The important thing about transitioning though is that you cut off the relaxed ends bit by bit, until your hair gets to a level that is comfortable for you. Some people transition for months, while some do for years; it’s all about personal preference though. But it is best you have a plan in mind on how long you want to transition for, even though you can lengthen or shorten that time frame too.

Hair Transitioning? What Is It All About?
Fully Transitioned hair with chemically altered ends chopped off

This step isn’t as easy as it seems though; this is because managing the two different hair textures could be frustrating, especially if you wear your hair out a lot. Many reverted to status quo by relaxing the new growth as a result of frustration. You really need to be ready to put in the time and effort needed to care for the hair.

Next time, we will look at tips that will make transitioning easier.


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