Shoes: Brogues for the Classic Man



Brogues Men: They are shoes which derived their name from the Irish footwear; they are low-heeled shoes or boots which their characteristics features include multiple-piece but sturdy leathers upper with decorative perforations along the pieces’ visible edges of the shoes. Brogues for the Classic ManThe term broguing, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means “an ornamentation of shoes employing heavy perorations and pinking.”These perforations are what give the shoes its name.

Brogues for the Classic Man

Spectator’s brogue

Traditionally, they were considered outdoor shoes and not meant for casual or formal wear, but that has changed now.
The differentiation of brogues is determined by the shape of the toe cap of the shoes. They are categorized into the longwing (the least common), quarter-brogue, semi-brogues and the full brogue also known as wingtip, in the United States.


Brogues for the Classic Man

Full brogue

The full brogue has a pointed toe-cap but with extensions that form a “W” shape running along both sides of the toe. The toe cap is perforated as well as serrated along the edges with decorative perforations in the center of the toe cap too.

Latest 2018 Styles

If a pair of shoes has that wingtip-style toe cap but no perforations, it is called the “austerity brogue” but if it is a plain toe shoe with the wingtip-style perforations, it is called the “blind brogue.”

It also has another variation, which is the spectator’s brogue. It has the same features with the full brogue but it usually monochromatic in color.


Brogues for the Classic Man

Semi brogue

The semi-brogue has a decorative toe cap with perforations and serrations along the cap’s edge and center of the toe cap.


The quarter brogue is like the semi, but the difference is that there are no decorative perforations in the centre of the toe-cap. This makes them more of a formal wear than the semi or full brogue.

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The longwing brogue have a pointed toe cap with wings that extend to the whole length of the shoe and meet at a center seam at the heel.

Brogues are usually available in different closures which are the Monk, laced Oxford, Derby or Ghillie styles.

There are a few rules to wearing these shoes and that depends on the style of the broguing. For instance, a full brogue is not considered proper to wear with a three piece pin-stripe suit. On the other hand, a quarter brogue in black or oxblood is a good choice for a business shoe.
Also, the more broguing the shoes have, the less formal it looks.
Brogues can also be worn in casual setting; they go well with jeans, chinos or even shorts.

Always remember, the first rule of male fashion is to match your belt with your shoes (in terms of color)
These shoes are a must have for every fashion conscious man, even if it’s just one good pair.

Shoes: Brogues for the Classic Man
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