Best Asoebi Styles Of The Week November 4-10

Best Asoebi Styles Of The Week November 4-10

Bringing you the best of your owambe styles is always a thing of  joy to us. Week in, week out, we sift through our archives and pick out only the trendiest and the loveliest of them all.

This, makes it easier for you to figure out which are the one worth going for of the numerous styles out there.

The best part of asoebi styles is also the way you can borrow a sleeve idea from one dress, take the neck line of another, be inspired by the lower part of yet another style and ending up with a new and unique style all on your own.

Latest 2017 Styles

Getting it right when it comes to asoebi also is important, since you do not want to do too much with one particular style.

Enjoy these selected styles and we hope you can make our next best dressed list next week! Have a fantabulous weekend ahead!

Cc @damiosude

Cc @missmalaikagh

Cc @iamdivanista in Dress by @adedollielagos

Outfit by @nuellacouture

Cc @j0j0lara in @topefnr

Cc @dope_tessy

Cc @ujustelo

Cc @houseofborah

Cc @chiomagoodhair

Cc @NancyIsimeOfficial in @tiannahsplacempire

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