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Beautiful Ankara Styles For Mother And Child-Part 2

Following the first part of the Beautiful Ankara Styles For Mother And Child, we bring you part 2 of this collection. One of the reasons moms want a girl is to complement their dress sense and also have a ‘mini me’ to replicate their fashion sense . These Beautiful Ankara Styles For Mother And Child Part 2 are sure to be an inspiration for your mother and child moments. Most of the photos in the post are of mothers and their daughters, but those with sons didn’t miss out the fun too!

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cc @yetundeedunjobi and the baby in brocade fringe.
Love the simple style!
Such a cute couple!
Ankara dresses have never been cuter!
This Ankara jumpsuit is from this mother and her child
This family is beautiful
Ankara Shawl-Dress Mother and Child

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