Bad Hair Day? Use This Tips For Black Women

Bad Hair Day? Use This Tips For Black Women


Let’s be honest, every day is not a good hair day. But bad hair days don’t have to be all bad. We could all use some tips on how to deal with a bad hair day. We can very well employ the tips below to look fabulous on a bad hair day.

Headscarves are the ultimate savers on a bad hair day. The beauty of head scarves is you can tie it anyway you want and it will come out looking good. You can wear it in a turban style or tie it into a big bow just above the forehead. Most times, your choice of and color of scarf will make all the difference. Your scarf color has to complement your look.


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Wigs are a must – have for women, every woman should own one. It is not everyday one’s hair is well behaved, so it is necessary for hair emergencies. A simple wig is one of those little wardrobe necessities.

Make -up
A nicely done makeup helps to draw attention away from bad hair. You can draw attention away from your hair and have people focused on your face if you do your makeup well. In fact, your general outfit should make people forgive you for your bad hair.

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Don’t sweat it though, nobody is perfect. We all have bad hair days.

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