Amazing Church Outfits Lookbook 3.


Hello ladies, still wondering what to wear for church tomorrow ? Have no worries coz we think you can rock one of your flare dresses and still feel on top of the world. We realise flare dresses are in vogue and there’s no way you won’t agree with me that FLARE dresses always looks good whichever color you choose. Anyways below are some flare outfits you’ll surely get inspired from but we beg of you do not wear it too short(so the pastor’s message doesn’t change lol). In one sentence tho, this ladies ROCKED it well… 🙂

Cc @Bambi_kay1
Cc @Bambi_kay1
Cc @Charitybaaitse-2
Cc @Charitybaaitse-2

flare dress for church-amillionstyles2

flare dress for church-amillionstyles1

flare dress for church-amillionstyles

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