9 Hot Inzuki Fashion Accessories.


Brace yourself as we bring to you 10 out of the multi-collections of Inzuki Designs. Just a brief introduction, Inzuki Designs was created out of a combined passion for design, style and everything Rwandan. It started out as a hobby creating personalized jewelry inspired by already existing products on the Rwandan crafts market and working with local craftswomen to produce them. In 2010 Inzuki designs officially evolved into a business entity.

It has since grown into a renown Rwandan brand with a boutique located in the Heart of Kigali City.  Inzuki is now aiming for International markets and will soon be accessible to clients in the rest of Africa, Europe, Asia and North America through distributors and an online store.

The founder of  Inzuki Designs is Teta Isibo, she’s a young, beautiful Rwanda chick who has a flare for fashion accessories and not just fashion accessories but customized ones made with African fabrics, you just gotta love them…

Photo Credit: inzukidesigns.com

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