7 Ways To Keep Your Ankara Fabric From Fading Quickly

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7 Ways To Keep Your Ankara Fabric From Fading Quickly

Most times people think that the reason for the fading of Ankara fabrics is as a result of the quality of the fabric. Well, you may be right, but not entirely right. The durability of a fabric or apparel is not solely dependent on its quality but on its use.

Fading of clothes reduce the quality, attraction, colour and beauty.

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1. Don’t wash with hot water
You might think washing your clothes with hot water will kill all the germs and make it cleaner, however, this is not the case. Hot water destroys the dyes in ankara fabric and gives it a faded look.

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2. When washing with a washing machine, turn your Ankara inside out.
This is a very crucial step to take if you are using a washing machine for your clothes. Always ensure that you turn the inside of the clothes out before washing with the machine. This is because the spinning action of the machine subjects the cloth under high pressure. It will be better and more precise if the pressure only affects the inside of the fabric (which is normally covered with linen). This will prevent the colour from fading quickly and ensure that the dye is not affected by the spinning-action of the machine

3. Don’t wash with detergent

The harsh chemicals in these detergents react with the dye in the clothes, causing it to peel and wear off. This makes your Ankara apparels fade quickly. If you want to wash your Ankara fabric, ensure that you use mild bar soap.

4. Don’t wash frequently
You shouldn’t wash your ankara every single time you wear it. This is because, exposing the dye in the fabric to soap frequently, will cause it to fade. You should air dry instead of washing on days you don’t sweat a lot.

5. Wash with salt
When you’re washing your ankara fabric, add a tablespoon of salt. The chloride content of the salt will help seal the colour in.

6. Use Vinegar for tough stains
If there’s a particularly tough stain that you’re trying to get rid of, just use Vinegar. Works like magic!

7. Don’t leave in sun for too long!
Exposure of ankara to extreme temperatures reduces its quality and durability. In order to make your ankara clothes last long, ensure that you don’t leave it in the sun for too long. If possible, spread it under a shade.

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