5 Ways to Rock Your White Shirt


The classic white shirt is a staple in most wardrobes, both females and males, most especially if you are in the choir or ushering department of your church (lol). It is important to know different ways you can switch up your look with the same white shirt you own. Its all a matter of what you wear it with and also how you accessorize your outfit.

Here is a quick look at some ways you can style your white shirt


 with denim and heelsWith denim. The white shirt pairs beautifully with the classic denim. Regardless of the colour, denim and white shirt are a pair made in fashion heaven! You can decide to up the ante by wearing heels or ballerina pumps, for a laid-back Friday office outfit or pair it with a pair of cute sandals for a more casual look


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a pair of sneakers

With sneakers: White shirt with sneakers can be the uber casual look, really an effortless look.



With skirt: white shirt and a skirt? Did I hear you say fries and ketchup? That is how well they go together. short, midi, maxi, the length of the skirt doesn’t matter, a white shirt goes with them allllll! In the picture above, adding the belt gave a pop of colour to the monotonous white, while also giving the impression that it is a gown. Me likey! 😉

with jacket

With a jacket: If the air condition in your office can rival the temperature in the Artic circle or when “uncle harmattan” comes visiting, adding a jacket is a way to keep warm and also switch your look.


With layers: This is not a look for the faint-hearted really. Layering up your white shirt can be tricky but also give that look that shows you made an effort and used your “number six” well. Layering your white shirt with a cardigan and the tail of your shirt tucked in or flying and pairing the look with some heels or sandals can be a head turner. Ensure you pick the right colours though when going for this look and use minimal jewelry.




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