5 Types Of Handbags Every Woman Should Have

5 Types Of Handbags Every Woman Should Have


Handbags or purses are a necessity in every woman’s life. It’s funny how even though your outfit may have pockets (I love dresses with pockets) you will still find something to put in your purse or bag. Men can get by with just a wallet, but where will a woman put her lipstick, mirror or even spare shoes for when her heels are trying to kill her? These are 5 types of handbags that a woman should never do without.

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An outfit isn’t complete without the bag to compliment it. So, let’s get down to the business of the day and examine the types of bags a woman shouldn’t do without. This means, have one of each type, ladies. This post won’t have the wallet, because it is an accessory that both men and women carry to keep their cash, debit cards and IDs safe.

  1. Cross Body Bag : The cross body bag is the perfect companion for a casual outing, it is also chic as well. It is characterized by a long, usually tiny straps. It’s great for those times when you need your hands free to do other things. For me, it is the shopping companion for those market trips and the beauty of it is that it’s difficult to steal from it, too, most especially when you wear it across the body.
    5 Types Of Handbags Every Woman Should Have
    Quilted Chevron bag from Kate and Alex Cuffaro
  2. Clutch Purse: Be it a day or night clutch, an elegant dinner dress or owambe party dress is best paired with a clutch purse. Some clutch purses have a chain link strap to make them as “invisible” as possible, but most people just “clutch” it in their hands. This tiny purse limits what you can carry, some barely have enough space for a smartphone! But they will take your cash, cards and lipstick for a touch up. Use the restroom’s mirror for your mirror needs. Some  even have embellished rings for your fingers to aid your “clutching”.
    5 Types Of Handbags Every Woman Should Have
    Ladies skull knuckle finger rings evening bags

    3. The Tote Bag: The Tote bag is a very stylish way to carry allllllll the stuff women love to lug around. It’s characterised by its long (or high, depending on what you call it) body, double straps and spacious insides.

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    5 Types Of Handbags Every Woman Should Have
    Stig Tote Bag

    4. Structured Work Bag: This is a perfect bag for work, as it gives you that boss look that every woman loves. It usually features a solid structured base and body.

    5 Types Of Handbags Every Woman Should Have
    Charles and Keith Structured Black Bag

    5. Laptop Bag: I remember when my laptop used to wreck the handles/straps of my handbags because of the weight, until I got a dedicated laptop bag. If you are someone like me that hates to carry more than one bag, don’t own a car yet but still want to look stylish, a very lovely laptop bag will do the trick. Your work bag may look big enough to carry your laptop, but don’t fall for that trick, it wasn’t designed for it!

  3. 5 Types Of Handbags Every Woman Should Have
    Kate Spade Stylish laptop Bag 

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5 Types Of Handbags
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