10 Most Beautiful & Latest Aso Ebi Styles.

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Asoebibella 2015 >>> Hello lovelies,if you’re still wondering what style you’ll like to sew for that your amazing traditional attire, well here are some beautiful styles from Asoebibella 2015 we love.

Style 1 All pink gown
She’s really looking gorgeous in her outfit. Lovely gown which rest well on her. This gown is just perfect for ladies that love putting on full dress

latest aso ebi @sofiyasunny

Cc @sofiyasunny

Blue and champagne gele
This is another simple but classy gown, well shaped to enhance her figure

latest aso ebi @coy_mistress

cc @coy_mistress

Yellow and blue Asoebi
A good way to blend colors, a lovely off-shoulder style to go with it. With the way fashion is, impossibilities are now becoming possible

Latest 2018 Styles
latest aso ebi @princess_osahon

Cc @princess_osahon

Purple gown
With the way fashion is going these days nothing is impossible
One colour aso-ebi is unique
See a simple gown and same colour gele. Now I know why the bible says purple is for royally.

latest aso ebi  @olarslim

cc @olarslim


Another awesome gown design groomed for her physique. If you like looking gorgeous get this style of gown

latest aso ebi @adaflowerbomb

Cc @adaflowerbomb

Another all purple outfit with just a difference in the shade of color
A lovely gown though it is simple but it made her look gorgeous and her well wrapped gele

latest aso ebicc @_venti30

Cc @_venti30

Gold and purple
Another unique way to blend in colours. If you want to look different in that aso ebi sew this

latest aso ebi @makieyhite

Cc @makieyhite

Brown gown
You can create an illusion of putting on a skirt and a blouse even when putting on a gown. Check this picture well and take a cue from it

latest aso ebi


Aqua blue
Combining three colours while putting on aso ebi is not a bad idea at all. Check her out

latest aso ebi @iziezzo

Cc @iziezzo

Lovely colour combo gown, well styled to enhance her body shape. Indeed a well styled dress makes one looks radiant.

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10 Most Beautiful & Latest Aso Ebi Styles.
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