How Nigerian Ladies Should Use Makeup Brushes.

The Right tools are just as important as the makeup itself. Makeup brushes are one of the tools essential when applying make up.

Here are Some makeup Brushes and their Uses

[highlight]Foundation Brush [/highlight]

Apply foundation to the center of your face and brush outward towards your Hair Line for a neat finish.

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Source: www.beaubellecosmetics.com


[highlight]Powder Brush[/highlight]

To diffuse the loose powder evenly, you need to dust the bristles all over your face,so it wouldn’t smudge your foundation.


Source: Realtecniques.com

Concealer Brush

A Concealer brush is a small flexible flat brush with a slight pointed tip for precise application.

[highlight]How to use:[/highlight]                                                                                                                                                         On your under eye circle and blemishes, pat the concealer on them, use the rounded edge to get to the corners around your eyes and nose.


Source: www.elflipface.co.uk

[highlight]Beauty Blender[/highlight]

Wet the Beauty blender with water and dab on your foundation for even and complete coverage

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Source: www.beautyblender.co.uk

[highlight]Angled Eyeliner Brush[/highlight]

Dip your brush in eyeliner gel or cream, hold the brush at an angle and drag from the inside nooks(corner) of your eye along the lash line. This brush creates even application.


Source: Elfcosmetics


How Nigerian Ladies Should Use Makeup Brushes.
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