Concealer 101: What Are They?

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Ever wondered what the secret to flawless made up faces was? A concealer is the make-up artist’s best known secret.

A concealer is a must in every girl’s make up retinue. Why, you may wonder, especially if you have a good facial foundation. Foundation is great, but it is usually used to cover large areas of the facial skin, including the neck, to create an even skin toned canvass for other make-up products. Foundation though may not be strong enough to cover prominent blemishes, especially hyper pigmentation, dark circles, scars, spots and the likes; this is where  concealers come in.

Concealer 101: What Are They?

LA Girl Pro Conceal

Concealer is usually thicker or more pigmented than foundation and it is targeted to cover those pesky issues for a flawless finish. Foundations come in skin toned colors, but concealers come in both skin toned colors and other colors which are used for color correction. Such colors include orange, yellow, green, lilac, purple, red which target different skin issues in different skin tones.

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Concealer 101: What Are They?

Essence cream concealer

Concealer is usually applied after primer and foundation. A key to a flawless finish is to use good quality concealers. They best kinds lighten dark areas, cover discoloration and blemishes but the bad one can even draw more attention to problem areas.

Concealer 101: What Are They?

Shiseido stick concealer

Concealers are also used in highlight and contour.

They also come in liquid, cream and stick formulations. Knowing the best ones to pick depend on your skin type. Liquid formulations are best for oil, sensitive, break-out prone, normal and combination skin types


Stick formulations are best for normal, dry and sensitive skins and cream formulation for dry, normal, combination or even sensitive skin types.

Next time, we will take a look at color correction and what it means.

Concealer 101: What Are They?
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