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Why Deep Conditioning Natural Hair is Important

Is your natural hair hard? Dry and dull? You probably need to deep condition more often. One of the essential steps in making natural hair more manageable is deep conditioning. What is it you may ask, I’ll tell ya.


Deep conditioning is the process of applying a conditioning product, usually a rinse out conditioner or a homemade conditioner, incorporated with heat to keep the hair moisturized and build strength. Heat is needed because it gives an enabling environment for the treatment to penetrate deep to the hair follicles and give them the nutrient they need to make the hair as healthy and hydrated as possible. All hair types need frequent deep conditioning, but most especially extremely dry or damaged hair and chemically treated hair. Deep conditioning also makes the hair manageable, prevent damage from styling tools and heat. By deep conditioning, luster, shine and strength are restored to the hair.

Shea Moisture Hair Masque

There are two main types of deep conditioning treatments: the Moisture or Protein conditioners. Today, we are looking at the Moisture deep conditioning treatment.

The moisture deep conditioner is the one that should be done more frequently, at least once a week. It is the one the hair needs more. It can also help reduce breakage and hair shedding too. They usually contain humectants, which attract moisture into the hair and keep it absorbed. When using any deep conditioner, either store bought or home made, it is important to leave it in for at least 15mins for maximum effect. The hair should also be covered with shower caps or plastic bags to create heat from the body. Hooded dryers can also be used if one is in a hurry, provided the hair is covered under the plastic bags.

Cantu deep Treatment Masque

Furthermore, the ingredients can help improve hair elasticity and fill up holes of damage in the hair strands.


Natural hair can be a beauty to behold when it is well taken care of. The key to having great natural hair is to follow a regimen. Once you know what works for your hair in terms or products and their frequency of use, your hair will grow and grow.


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