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We Love These Gorgeous Wedding Gowns

Weddings are opportunities for everyone to be decked out in their best and the bride is the first! Finding gorgeous wedding gowns can be tricky and a bride has to have an idea of what she wants in mind prior to her shopping or meeting up with her tailor.

Finding the right wedding dress can be tasking honestly and I am sure that relationships (especially between a bride and her female loved ones) must have been strained in the course of a bride finding the right wedding dress.


If you decide to design and let a tailor bring to life your idea, ensure the person knows what he or she is doing oo. You don’t want to end up with a trash wedding dress just a few weeks to your wedding after money must have been spent.

The best bet will always be buying a ready made or renting a wedding dress if you do not have the resources to commission a good designer for your wedding dress.

Check out these gorgeous wedding gowns for some style ideas.

Dress made by @tubo_
Cc @mrs_kay16
Cc @r33nn
Lovely Dress by @bridesbynona
Beautiful bride in an @AprilByKunbi dress
Cc @sei_meh
Cc @msboykai
Cc @oluwatosin_duff
Cc @erinbeeee
Gorgeous bride who decided to go for a white and cream gown, instead of the traditional white gown
Cc @simy_official_99

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