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Ways to Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat

4 No-Heat Ways to Stretch Natural Hair

As you already know, constant use of heat and natural hair are not friends, except you want to damage your hair. Though the use of blow driers and straightners are fast and easy ways to stretch natural hair, if you want healthy hair, you need to look to other options and that is what I am here to discuss today.


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Are there heat free methods to get your hair to stretch to at least 70% of its true length? Yes. The key to this is that while doing them; do not put too much tension on your hair/scalp. In order to get the best result, your hair must be fully dried before you take out what you used in stretching it.

Here are some ideas you can try out; tell us the one that worked best for you!

Braids and Twists

These are quick and easy to do. Just section your hair and braid or twist each section. If you have really curly hair, a braid would be more suitable that twists.

African Threading

Remember when we were small and they used threads or rubber to thread our hair? Who would have known that would become a go-to option for hair stretching! Get someone to do this for you, if you can’t do it yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but by the time you take out the thread, your hair would have been lengthened.

Hair Banding

This is similar to threading but you use ponytail holders instead. Avoid using rubber bands, go for the cloth covered elastic bands instead. Take a section of hair, and tie bands along the length of each section, leaving small space in between each band.


You can also use curlformers, rollers, flexi rods to stretch your hair.

In all these methods though, do not forget to cover your hair with your satin scarf or sleep on your satin pillow if you are having them on overnight.


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