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Video: How to Flat Twist Your Hair

Flat twist is a very popular hair styling option among African-Americans, especially those with natural hair; though it isn’t restricted to any specific hair type, because those with chemically processes hair also do it.


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For some people, it is easier and faster for them to do than cornrows, though it’s the other way round for me. They are a simple and low maintenance style. It is involves braiding just two strands of hair, instead of the three strands that cornrows call for.

Flat twists don’t require much in the way of tools, your wide-tooth comb; some styling gel(to give your twists some hold), some hair clips to keep  undone hair from disturbing your work; a rat-tail comb for parting your hair.

This hair style doesn’t put pressure on the scalp and this makes it suitable for people that have tender scalps.


Don’t forget to protect your hair with a satin scarf during the night.

Check out this video by Babilon Kay to get the trick to this style.


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