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Video: How To Color Correct For Dark Skin

Video: How To Color Correct For Dark Skin


A lot of women, and some men, wear makeup; there are many people that won’t leave their homes without it. Because we all want to achieve flawless skins with the help of makeup, there are many products that many makeup companies have produced to help achieve this goal and color correcting products are one of them.

Nyx color correection palette

Color correction is not as daunting as it sounds, it is simply the use of colored concealer to cancel out imperfections on the skin and they enable foundation give a fuller coverage once that is applied.Color correction comes in different colors which are applicable to different skin tones and problems. For instance, orange is suitable for dark skin with dark spots while pale pink corrector would cancel out blue toned spots on fair skin.

Achieve a flawless looking skin tone like her with color correction

The key to a perfect correction is to blend out the colored concealer well.

Wanna see how this is done? watch this video by Lovette’s House of Style to learn!


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