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Tutorial: Give Your Frontal Wig That Realistic Look By Customizing It

Wigs have made the lives of all women easier and frontal wigs give a lot of flexibility with the various looks that can be created from them. The ability to have hair in the morning and gone by evening without the commitment or stress of having to find an easy way to pack off the hair before sleep cannot be overstated, most especially in a weather like ours.

Lace wigs are awesome and we learnt how to care for them here. The whole point of lace wig is to have weave that looks realistic and all lace wisg, most especially the ones with front lace or 360 lace need some work, such as bleaching (if you decide on that route) to mask the grid lines and give it that “flesh tone) and plucking. It’s all called customizing it to fit your skin tone and face. Today’s tutorial is about plucking the hairline, to give a realistic look.


Watch this video by Diuto Ajoku to learn how this is done.




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