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Traditional Marriage Inspirations For The Fab Igbo Couples

This great country Nigeria is not only rich in mineral resources and agriculture, it is also very rich in ethnicity.

This i must say is what makes us who we are, as the saying goes “our strength lies in our diversity” that is why we standout anywhere in the world even.


When it comes to traditional marriage in Nigeria no matter the culture, it is not a joking stuff because we take our culture very seriously.

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The Igbo culture is very fascinating amongst other fascinating ethnic group.

When it comes to traditional wedding, easterners do not play with their traditional attire same as different ethnic groups when it comes to displaying cultural heritage by wearing their traditional wedding attire they go all the way.


The bride is usually adorned like a princess and the groom as a prince.

it is very fascinating being a part of Igbo traditional weddings, the traditional rites “when the bride takes palm wine and searches for the groom amidst the crowd is a cultural display we find quiet overwhelming.

Planning for traditional  wedding can be extra stressful, when it comes down to picking out clothes / styles for the right and perfect outfit confusion sets in.

If your big day is coming up and you have a little frustration trying to figure out the perfect look we are here for you.

See these Traditional Marriage Inspirations For The Fab Igbo Couples.

Traditional marriage is a memorable moment that you won’t forget, I know you won’t want to remember looking terribly on your big day that’s why you want the best ideas, plus pictures / videos will be there to remind you so you have to look damn good.

Combining colors is a massive decision because the wrong colors can ruin a perfect look, picking the right color that will give a beautiful silhouette is important, accessories, make up “for the ladies” every detail counts.

Just because we know you would be in need of a little inspiration / ideas here are a couple traditional ideas for couples you should check out.

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