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Thursday Fusion Styles To Wrap Up The Week

Fusion styles are all the rave now. Achieving this style is pretty easy, as a swatch of ankara fabric is all you need to step up your design and make it more beautiful.

It can be as simple as a sweatshirt, a  blouse or a a dress; whichever piece of clothing you want to fuse your ankara into, it will always come out unique.


Because we love to keep you abreast of fashion trends, we will keep bringing you style ideas that will keep you wardrobe updated.

Beautiful Asoebi Bellas For Their Friends’ Big Days

Cc @thekitchenmuse
Cc @mhiss_nana
Couture Dress by @maisondehelen
Cc @igbeaby
Cc @spruce_atelier x @becky_ani
Cc @soso.den
Cc @ichabatougnongbotchoro_off
Cc @symdeycouture
Cc @_beautygaze in dress by @badaskyfashionhouse
Cc @mhisoby in @zikorahafrica

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