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These Three Stunning Looks Of Nancy Isime Will Make You Stop In Your Tracks

Over the weekend, media girl Nancy Isime anchored the Beauty Of Africa International Pageant 2018 in not one but three stunning designs from bespoke womenswear brand Sue Manuell. All the looks were smashing in their own rights. She stepped on stage each time with a new look that outdid the last.

Starting off the night in a black tube-style jumpsuit with thick peplum details and strap PVC embellished sandals, she wore makeup that was glam and bold. Accessorising with extravagant silver earrings.


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Nancy moved on to cause a stir in a silver figure-hugging embellished floor-length dress with crystal embellishments. For her second appearance, she switched her makeup. This time, to sultry eyes with a hint of silver and deep glossy plum lipstick.

For her final look, she wore a flamboyant red dress that flowed down to the ground. She accessorized it  with gold and ruby earrings.

So my style lovers, do you love her style? Which look  is your best? Let’s hear from you below.





Host: nancyisimeofficial

Outfits: @suemanuell

Makeup: @casskoncept1

Photography: @rukkydidit


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