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These Belly Exercises Will Tone Your Abs For Real.

Losing belly fat is always daunting for a lot of people, especially if that is where they gain fat easily. There are a lot of belly exercises, walking and jogging are simple enough but you can add variations to make your weight loss more effective. Crunches are a great way to work the abdominal muscles and there are variations of it. Here are a few exercises you can try out to help you on your way to blasting that stomach fat.

Reverse crunch.


This involves lying on the floor with the arms by the sides. Cross your feet and lift them off the floor at a 90-degree angle and contract your abs while you lift your head and shoulders from the ground. Exhale when you contract your stomach muscles and inhale when you lower your head and shoulders to the ground.

Bicycle Exercise:

This is simply you doing the paddling or cycling of a bicycle while lying down with your hands by your side. You will feel the impact on your stomach muscles.

Vertical crunch:


Here, you lie with your had behind your head, put the legs straight p with your knees crossed and lift your head and shoulders off the floor with your legs extended the whole time, even after you have laid back down and completed a rep.

Lunge Twist:

This is basically incorporating a lunge and twisting your upper body slightly while in the lunge position. In a lunge, stand with your legs hip width apart with your knees slightly bent; lift your hands, aligning them with your shoulders, parallel to the ground. Then, take a huge step forward with one leg and sit down as if on chair, keep your spine straight and twist the torso to the right and then the left.

Crunch with Exercise ball:

This can also be easily done at home with an exercise ball. Lie on the ball so that your lower back is supported; place your hands across your chest or behind the head. Contract your stomach muscles and lift your torso up and forward and lower back down. Ensure the ball is stable during each crunch.

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