These Beautiful 7 Ankara And Lace Mix Styles Are What You Need Today

Mixing lace and ankara fabrics to make one outfit isn’t a new trend. It has been in existence for decades, just like any other fabric mixtures too. In as much as this trend isn’t new, there are a few tips to making the look work well. The beautiful 7 ankara and lace mix styles will show you just how.

First, ensure you use quality lace material for the outfit. This is because lace is more delicate than ankara and you don’t want tears in your lace, which would eventually render your outfit unwearable.


Pick a colour of lace that matches your ankara. Usually, ankara would be the dominant fabric and lace the accent. It is essential that you pick a color and style of lace fabric that would compliment your ankara fabric. Whitel lace usually have a way of working well with various ankara prints.

The beautiful 7 ankara and lace mix styles will inspire your wardrobe picks and make you take a trip to your tailors.


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