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Style Dissection Lookbook 9: Stella Uzoamaka

Style Dissection Lookbook 9 Featuring Stella Uzoamaka

Our style dissect series is a deep look at fashion pieces worn by fashion enthusiasts. It is an opportunity to look at a breakdown of lovely pieces worn by people who love fashion and know how to combine these pieces well. Where possible, we will also tell you where they got their fashion items and how much, if we are able to track down that information.


It seems that the famous overall has made a return to the fashion scene, and our style blogger of today rocked the look to our satisfaction. The overall is usually made from denim, and it is jumpsuit, only that it has an apron like front attached to trousers.

It is a very popular fashion piece among children and makes its foray into the fashion scene once in a while. This trend sees the overall come in different colors and styles for the trendy people; Stella’s overall is the distressed denim style.

Stella Uzo, a beautiful Nigerian style blogger decided to show us a chic and fancy way to wear this trend and we totally approve! For the sake of decency, the overall is not an outfit that should be worn alone, as it is best paired with a top or shirt. Stella paired hers with an off-shoulder stripped top, gorgeous nude sandals and a very fanciful bag you don’t see around every day.

Take a good look at what we are saying by scrolling through the pictures. Afterwards, check below our breakdown of Stella’s outfit

Stella Uzoamaka of J’adore Fashion
Stella Uzoamaka of J’adore Fashion
Stella Uzoamaka of J’adore Fashion
Stella Uzoamaka of J’adore Fashion
Stella Uzoamaka of J’adore Fashion
Stella Uzoamaka of J’adore Fashion
Stella Uzoamaka of J’adore Fashion

A breakdown of Stella Uzo’s look:

  • Top: Cold Shoulder Striped Wrap Top which retails for $29.93
  • Overall: There were many styles to choose from, but we were not able to lay our hands on her particular overall. On Asos, the overall retailed from $100 upwards.
  • Shoes: Steve Madde Landen Ankle Strap Sandal for $89.95
  • Bag: Baby Roge Multi Pompom Bag which retails for $165


Img Src: Stella Uzoamaka

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