As the weekend draw to a near, we still wonder what t wear for the remaining days left, especially when it come to picking an outfit for the Sunday church service

Sunday which is the day of worship for most individual is the day to connect with the Almighty God our creator, a day to revel in his presence being his creations.


It’s a day to worship in God’s presence with fullness of joy, and we should make excuses to dressing nicely to Church.

Wouldn’t you rather look good on all days including the day which is one of the most important days of the week? Wearing un-flattering cloths and looking horrible should be trashed out. Effort! Effort!! Effort!!! Darlings

Dressing up for church service sometimes can be a little difficult especially when you’re all out of ideas on what to wear.

You can piece the simplest looking cloths together and get a fantastic look as long as you know the right choices to make.


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If you like simple or extravagant there are so many styles that you can try. Some people say it’s not a day for fashion parade of course it isn’t but it is a day that involves you being in the presence of your God I’m sure he would appreciate you looking your best in his presence.

It doesn’t take much to dress properly as long as you can put your clothes together in ways that are pleasing and appealing you’re good to go.

Here are a couple styles to try out these Stunning Sunday outfits every woman should try.

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