Stunning Aso Ebi Styles You May See This Weekend

We all know there is no party like the Lagos party and their usually isn’t a party until the Aso Ebi is picked.


Aso ebi is ever present during occasions, it has always been a part of occasions in Nigeria and its not about to change.

This trend has moved from generation to generation making somewhat a tradition that most of us are involved in.

The Great thing about this beautiful trend is that its creativity blooms every time, they are so many aso ebi styles you can’t even keep up with because of the creativity that designers unleash for us to get inspiration from and try.

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The Aso ebi is the buzz of most occasions in Nigeria, there so many ways you can rock aso ebi whatever the occasion may be… we’ve spotted a couple styles that shows creativity and sass.

You definitely would want to show up at that party looking like a million bucks there are so much to consider.

Aso ebi is mostly paired with layered gele, for some people who would prefer to leave the gele out a well styled hair should complement your look, beautiful makeup and accessories are also vital for a great look.

Aso ebi can be fused with all sorts of embellishments to spice up your look  i.e studs, beads e.t.c if you love to glitter across the room.

it  gives a very classy and enticing look but you have to make sure that it is properly done to avoid disappointments.

There is also all sorts of fabric blend that you can incorporate into your aso ebi, to add extra sauce to your look, all you need is a proper blend of all your fabrics.

We are always keen on having a designer/ tailor that is extremely good at his or her job it would be heartbreaking using the wrong tailor if you don’t want your fabric ruined get a tried and tested tailor to perfect the right style.

You should check out this aso ebi outfit ideas for style inspiration.You need to see these Stunning Aso Ebi Styles You May See This Weekend.

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