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Relationship Advice: Are You The Perfect Wife Material?

In an age where girls and women are struggling to be the perfect wife material to their lovers and boyfriends, it’s important to put the following into perspective. Read this letter to wife materials.

Dear Wife Material,


I want us to talk about something,
Something that I find silly that some of you do.
Listen, you don’t have to be stupid in order to earn the medal of wife material from your boyfriend and his family.
You don’t have to turn yourself into a desperate slave because you want him to take you to the altar.
You will leave your house to visit him, you decide to stay with him for some days,
You clean his house
You cook for him
You wash his clothes
You spread your legs for him to have you to the fullest,many times as he wants,
He takes you to his family house,
You turn yourself more into a bigger foolish housemaid,
You will wash his father’s clothes
You will wash his mother’s clothes
You can even wash even his forefathers and ancestors clothes
His sisters will be busy watching TV and pressing phone
You will be their new cook ,after cooking they will turn into food inspectors inorder to rate the degree of your “wife material ”
You will wash the plates after eating,
You can even volunteer to go to the evil forest to fetch firewood for them,
You turn yourself into their errand girl
All because of desperation for him to marry you,
Desperation made you to forget your level and class.
I am not against you assisting a bit if you can when you visit your fiance/boyfriend house but don’t turn into a maid.
If your own father beg you to wash his clothes, you murmur and refuse but you have turned yourself into a laundry madam in your boyfriend/fiance house.
You always nag when your mum ask you to cook but you are now a cook just for ring.
Dear “wife material ” that is doing this, I want to let you know that you are fake and desperate.
Grow your esteem please.
Before you become a “used and dumped ”
If you are doing all that for your parents-in-law, I will not blink an eyelid
You are now married and now their daughter-in-law.
But you turned yourself into a housemaid to a guy who is not your husband and his family who you are not a daughter in law to.

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If you visit your fiance/boyfriend’s family, stop acting stupid in order to prove a “wife material”
Stop being fake, be yourself.
If they ask you to do something beneath your class and level, stand there and reject it outrightly and politely.
And to that guy you called fiance/boyfriend, he is yet to marry you yet you are playing a “wife role ” to him.
And you think you have sense,
You better wake up.
Feminism makes a woman to know her worth the more,
You have a worth and should not reduce your level just for a wedding ring,
Stand your ground, if he wants to leave, open the door and let him go.
Marriage doesn’t define a woman rather a woman should define marriage.
They are quick to popularise the words “wife material ” but we hear less of “husband material ”
Dear wife material, will heaven fall if your fiance/boyfriend comes to your parents house and wash your fathers clothes?
Why doesn’t he prove his “husband material ” by cleaning your parents house?
Ponder on this and let us know how you feel about it.

Written by Oriaku





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