More Ankara Mix & Match Styles

Ankara mix & match styles are all the rave of the moment. You know how satisfying it is to finally get a combination of fashion pieces right? Now imagine the extra thoughts and planning that goes into getting different ankara fabrics to match and then making them into either one single outfit like a jumpsuit or making it a top and bottom. Awesome feeling, right? You know you will certainly turn heads once you step out of the house.


The easiest way to get this combination right is to ensure there is a common colour in both fabrics that can make it easier for the eye to grasp. By this I mean having a common colour makes it a seamless transition when it is being looked at. Noticing the difference in pattern would then be secondary.

Once you have this basic idea down to part, you are very much good to go in rocking your ankara mix & match styles.

Cc @bxfrox
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Outfit by @houseofkosagh
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Cc @therealrhonkefella
Cc @ebelenzewi in @sgtcclothing
Cc @iambubublaq in @therealrhonkefella
Cc @adetokeoluwo in @sgtcclothing
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Cc @lindisparkus
Cc @msmodish

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