Makeup Tutorial: Baking Highlight With Baby Powder

Quick And Easy Makeup Tutorial: Baking Highlight With Baby Powder

By now, I am sure the ladies already know all about highlighting and contouring of the face with make up. Highlight and contour is simply the use of makeup to emphasize or de-emphasize areas of the face, depending on the look the person is going for.

Well baked face

With the aid of makeup, illusions of slimmer nose, sharper cheek bones or even more cleavage can be created. Today is not about the technique of highlight and contour though, it is about a quick and cheap beauty hack.

This hack is simply the use of baby powder to “bake” your highlight. Baking of highlight is necessary so as to set the highlight in place for a longer wear.

Baking is usually done by applying setting powder to highlighted areas of the face and letting it sit for between 5-15 minutes. This enables the body’s heat to set the makeup better.

Baby powder used to bake the highlight

The use of baby powder to bake highlight is possible because baby powder is helpful in keeping the skin dry and slows down oil on the skin from seeping through to the surface.


Also, baby powder is finely milled, like most setting powders, so it’s a great dupe for a translucent setting powders too.

If you would like to see how this is done, check out this video by KellieSweet and learn more about baking highlight with baby powder

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