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VIDEO: Make Your Own Eyebrow Gel Pomade

In the last beauty hack post, we spoke about how to make your own eyebrow pomade, today, we will take a look at how to make eyebrow GEL pomade.


What is the difference between the two you may ask, the difference lies in the items used in the making of the end product and the consistency of the end product too. The consistency will further determine how the product applies as well.

Just like the video on how to make the eyebrow pomade, this one too is pretty easy to do and the supplies used are things you probably have already lying around the house.

The supplies used here was some edge control gel, castor oil (you can also use coconut oil) a clean container to put your product in and a small spatula or scoop to get your product out and into containers as well.

Watch this informative DIY video by Cakefacezee on how to get this done and you can say bye-bye to expensive eyebrow gel pomades!




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