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Maddening Itchy Scalp? Try These!

An itchy or dandruff ridden scalp is one of the most uncomfortable hair issues anybody could have. Scratching your scalp off and watching those dry, whitish flakes pour down your hair can be quite annoying. If you suffer from these or even eczema or psoriasis of the scalp, here are few natural ways to combat these issues


First and foremost, discovering the cause could be a vital step in prevention/ cure. A lot a people are sensitive to chemical laden products (synthetic chemicals especially). Most of the popular shampoos contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLeS). These are vital components in detergents, washing liquids and de-greasers. That super squeaky clean feeling after using a shampoo containing these is actually unhealthy for your hair. While scrubbing your hair clean, they can be drying and irritating to the skin. Also, preservatives, artificial fragrance, polyethylene glycol and salt, which are sometimes present in synthetic shampoos can irritate the skin.

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Product build up can also be part of the problem. Ingredients such as silicones (found in conditioner, shampoo and styling products) and mineral oil gradually accumulate on the scalp and hair. This buildup can cause you to scratch and can contribute to limp, lifeless looking hair.

Dandruff is another cause of an itchy scalp and conventional anti-dandruff shampoos usually have cleansers and snit-fungal chemicals which can cause scalp irritation


Eczema or Psoriasis of the scalp can lead to itchiness. Psoriasis is not curable but can be managed and its symptoms are dry red patches along with white scaly flaking skin over the top. Eczema is reddened and inflamed skin, that may appear blistered but not always flaky.

Other causes of itchy scalp are stress, over washing of hair (which can cause an imbalance in hair sebum production) and head lice



Switching to organic shampoos or using the African black soap to wash your hair can reduce irritation of the scalp. They may not lather as much as conventional shampoos but they do the work well. Some organic shampoo brands include

Natural Alternatives

You can also use tee tree oil to treat dandruff, many swear by it. It is anti-fungal and relieves the scalp as well.

For scalp eczema or psoriasis, watch your diet and be gentle when washing your scalp

Organic apple cider vinegar has been known to help with dandruff and itchy scalp, as well as lemon too. Doing a hair rinse with either of this in warm water can help get rid of itchy scalp

Doing an overnight scalp treatment can also help restore moisture and soothe the scalp, for instance the; addin honey to a DIY hair treatment would also help.

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Remember though, with any of these treatments, patience is key. Try it out for at least a month or two before you conclude on the result.

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