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Let TheLadyVhodka School Ya on Stylish Trends!

Jennifer Oseh, aka @theladyvhodka is one stylish lady that manages to knock my socks off every time I come across a picture of her. She has a sense of style that is different and mind blowing and she has got the body to flaunt it too!


She is the creative director of @wildkulture, a brand that features prominently on her page. Her style can be described a s fun and still classy. She plays with colors a lot and always looks vibrant as well.

You should totally check her out in this post! She will school ya on a fashion trends or two.


Cc @theladyvhodka in Jacket from @jasonporshe
Cc @theladyvhodka in @Wildkulture
Cc @theladyvhodka in Wearing @wildkulture Blossom Set
Cc @theladyvhodka in @elanredstore
Cc @theladyvhodka in Trophy Wife Jumpsuit by @wildkulture
Cc @theladyvhodka in Suit from @cocorichelle1 and Shirt from @wildkulture
Cc @theladyvhodka in Classic Pinstripe suit with a twist
Cc @theladyvhodka in @wildkulture Lagos Barbie reloaded dress
Cc @theladyvhodka in @wildkulture 2 piece set


Lover of God, People, Food and of course Fashion!

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