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Learn How To Do The Smokey Eye Look With These Tips By Beautiverse

Smokey eyes are one of the most popular and trendy current makeup looks. They traditionally include three different shades of eyeshadow: a dark, medium, and light shade. These different shades blend together to create the perfect contoured and dramatic look. This dark style is a perfect choice for a party or a date night out. Traditionally, smokey eyes are renowned as a gorgeous nighttime makeup look. This eye makeup style is generally considered to be formal and elegant.


Creativity goes a long way when it comes to smokey eye makeup. There are many different variations of smokey eyes that make this style perfect for a wide variety of occasions.

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Follow The Steps Below For A Glamorous Smokey Eye.

Step 1: Darken those brows baby:  When going for a more dramatic look, darkening the brows a little gives the perfect balance of boldness and structure.

Step 2: Smoke those eyes out: There’s just something incredibly sexy about a smokey eye. Take a small fluffy blending brush and add your favorite dark brown eyeshadow. Blend your shadow upwards toward your brow bone and just a little above your crease.


Diffuse the darker brown with a lighter and warmer color. I like to use a reddish brown or an orange shade for this.  Remember, the key to this is not to go too dark and make sure to blend, blend blend!

Step 3: Don’t forget your water line: Adding some dark eyeliner to your waterline is the perfect way to turn things up a few notches.

I like to apply a black eyeliner to the water line first then blend it downwards with a brown eyeshadow to create a gradient effect and dimension.

Step 4: Tear Duct Glow: Placing a little shimmer in your inner tear duct every so gently just opens up the eye and literally makes you look more radiant and youthful instantly!

Step 5: Fluff up those lashes: Glam up your look with fuller lashes! Having fuller lashes ties your entire eye look together seamlessly.

There you have it guys. Grab your makeup purse and start painting away.


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