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Latest Women’s Ankara Styles-Volume 10

The weekend is also known as asoebi time, a time when the gents and the ladies come out to play in the latest ankara styles! It’s always an opportunity to look at these beautiful ladies in their awesome styles that makes us wonder if we’re ever gonna get a break from fashion designers’ creativity.


We’re sure after looking at these styles that trended this week, you’re going to get inspired to come up with even more greater styles than this, we await you!

Monday Slay In The Most Gorgeous Corporate Styles

Cc @merveillebysassi
Cc @lindaosifo in @julyetpeters
Cc @empress_dictabee is a pretty sight in @eve___parker
Cc @ceolumineeofficial
Cc @eddieodey
Cc @chiomagoodhair in @sgtcclothing
Cc @elizabethjackrichteinjr in @eseazenabor
Cc @mizwanneka
Cc @amakaahmaka in @fashionjunkie9jacollections


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