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Laid Back Office Friday Ankara Looks

Some Laid Back Clothes For The Office


Thank God It’s Friyay!!! Who doesn’t love the weekends? Certainly not me! The weekend is here again as an opportunity for you to unwind, relax and playyy.

At most offices, on Fridays, workers are allowed to be more casual in their dressing. That is when you see the jeans, ankara outfits and many more coming out of the wardrobes. Just like owambes, Friday outfits are also opportunities for women to show the stuff they are made of and so it isn’t surprising that creativity comes to play in such outfits.

As usual, you can be creative with your combinations. If you don’t want to opt for the full ankara look such as making a dress, you can try the option of making a jacket, top, skirt or trousers with ankara and combining it with other ready made  shirt, skirt and co.

Women will always be women and will never let a fashion moment pass them by, EVER!


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As a worker, if you need some ideas on what to wear to the office next Friday, look no further than this post.

Beautiful combo of turtle neck top, sleeveless jacket and ankara pants. Pants by @mjcreations
Cc @adunniade
Simple collared ankara and black lace gown
White shirt and pants with a sleevelss peplum ankara top
Beautiful green skirt and blouse combo. Peep the collar of the top
Cc @biodunapoola
Beautiful mix and match blouse and pants combo
Cut out funnel sleeved dress
Cc @iambisola
Cc @msfeggilicious
Cc @debekuzi
Cc @yemiokb


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